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Charity No: 1146913
A professional HealthCare Provider specialising in the treatment of police officers

Rehabilitation classes

Police Rehabilitation CentreThe approach to rehabilitation at Flint House is functional and holistic.  Group Therapy rehabilitation classes form an important aspect of this approach.

In addition to patients individual treatments they will be directed by their physiotherapists to attend certain classes in line with the treatment they are receiving and it is important officers follow the guidance given in respect of class attendance.

Rehabilitation Classes available are:

Spinal Mobilisations – Relaxing class aimed at increasing mobility of the spine

Spinal Stability – Various exercises chosen to enhance officer’s core stability

Balance and Proprioception – Using a variety of small apparatus exercises are chosen that will increase officer’s balance, co-ordination, and functional stability of lower limbs.

Lower Limb Pool –Early stage rehabilitation in water for those having difficulty with full weight bearing and joint loading.  Preparation for joining the Lower Limb class.

Lower Limb – Strengthening class for all muscle groups in the lower limb whilst also increasing general fitness.

Upper Limb – Exercises chosen to facilitate mobility, co-ordination, and strengthening of all upper limb muscle groups