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A professional HealthCare Provider specialising in the treatment of police officers

Mental Health Support

The Health and Wellbeing Department is staffed by experienced Mental Health Practitioners and Registered Nurses. The Mental Health Practitioners facilitate a low intensity group work programme for common mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression and stress, run over the 12 day stay. Gentle exercise and finding pleasure in walking is part of the programme to increase mental health.

In addition General Nursing care and Health Education classes are also undertaken. Wellbeing encompasses healthy lifestyle and choices. Patients can take time to reflect on their lifestyle, habits and with advice, education and encouragement, make decisions on change to ensure a healthier life.

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Prospective patients will be assessed by the Health & Wellbeing teams' mental support practitioners via a pre-admission telephone assessment to ensure suitability to the service. 

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Alomgside the group programme we provide individual support sessions with a named key worker; a skilled member of our mental health support team. Regular structured exercise will be included in the programmes as this has been demonstrated in the NICE (National Institute of Health and Care Excellence) guidelines to be of value in helping people recover from mental health problems

Together with the group support there will be the opportunity for all patients to attend the well-being classes run by the Health & Wellbeing department. These include stress management, sleep and relaxation, nutrition and health, Pilates and aromatherapy.

Because of the structure of the above group support it will not be possible to provide mental health support to retired officers.The aim is that Flint House becomes as synonymous with Mental Health Support as it is currently with physical rehabilitation.

1. "The programme has been really impactful for me. It’s been really useful to be able to go back over the hand outs and different forms of media rather than just speaking to someone. I really feel like I’ve learnt so much and will be able to continue to progress with my recovery now. I truly believe I will be able to manage my symptoms much better now and cope with my normal daily stresses…and realise I’m not alone! 

I have been able to recognise and identify my triggers when I’m having a bad day and use some of the techniques taught to calm myself down, be more compassionate towards myself and feel more positive on the whole. A few days ago, I had some plans fall through. Typically when this happens I would go on a bit of a downward spiral, and this would normally lead to me having a really rough week or so where I would blame myself, make myself feel bad and worry about what I’ve done wrong. This programme has helped me to challenge my negative thoughts and learn to see things in a more positive self-compassionate light."

2. "I wish to provide my feedback after my recent participation in the Outreach programme/ virtual Goring.  After initial nerves as I didn’t really know how this was going to work were easily put to rest by Alison initial consultation was very easy to do and perform.We organised in advance our schedule and this acted as an initial ice breaker which I would recommend in the future.

She was extremely understanding, compassionate, professional and I was at total ease talking to her about my different symptoms/ conditions. I was set tasks/ homework by Alison to complete by the next session which I understood and completed. I was able to perform these into my current life and even after my first session had such an impact on my mood, well being and life.

My overall experience with the programme is 10/10. Understanding my needs was 10/10. My mental health and positivity has increased dramatically by using this programme and I thank you for being accepted. I would totally recommend this service to my colleagues."

3. "Remember that this kind of illness is ‘a curse of the strong’."