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Flint House gets to Number 10 Downing Street

Lyndsay & Lorna, physios at the centre hosted the female forum held for female officers of the Diplomatic & Parliamentary Protection Team at  Portcullis House, Westminster, on Friday July 27th talking to them about all things about back care and injury prevention. Most officers present are armed response and with the weight of equipment carried, it is crucial they are aware of how to minimise potenatial injuries to their back when performimg their duties. Afterwards both Lorna & Lyndsay were treated to a quick "peak " at the world famous location of Number 10. Unfortunately Theresa May was not available for a cup of tea and a biscuit!

"Flint House physios reaching the parts other cannot"

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New Privacy Policy - The Police Rehabilitation Centre

The Police Rehabilitation Centre, Flint House has revised its privacy policy. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new European framework for data protection laws. It gives individuals greater protection and rights and will give them more control over how their data is used.The policy can be found by clicking on this link.


Welcome to Sophia Majaya as new Flint House Clinical Director

As of March 9th 2018 Sophia Majaya is welcomed formally as Clinical Director at The Police Rehabilitation Centre, Flint House  

As Clinical Director Sophia will be responsible for Physical Rehabilitation, Nursing and Psychological Services. Sophia joined Flint House in  January 2018 as Clinical Director "designate" working alongside the soon to retire then Clinical director, David Flint, bringing 19 years experience in Mental Health care with a background and dual registration in Children’s and Mental Health nursing. In her last role she ran an inpatient CAMHS service where she held the responsibility of operational running, clinical management and CQC registration.

Sophia is committed to maintaining high standards of care throughout the centre. Her aim is to have high expectations and aspirations for each patient accessing Flint House with a positive experience being at the heart of our focus.

Flint House welcomes Sophia with open arms into the staff and managment family that is the cornerstone of the Centre's care of Police officers and personnel. 

Sophia Majaya

Flint House taking it out there!

Two of our Physios, Lorna and Lyndsay have been at Polar Park, Heathrow last week working with the Met on injury prevention. 

They led practical sessions, which included Stretch and Release and Movement Preparation, along with educational sessions on back care and injury prevention. 
The sessions were well attended and FH and Lorna & Lyndsay have had nothing but positive feedback. 
The aim was to issue information and exercises on how to look after your body to prevent work related injuries and raise awareness of the work we do at Flint House. 
Practical sessions to be posted soon. #Rehabitswhatwedo

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David Flint Clinical Director at Flint House retires

A colossus of Flint House retired on March 9th! David Flint after 20+ years as THE Clinical lead and laterly Clinical Director, finally closed the door on his immense and impressive career in th care and treatment of injured Police Officers for over 20 years ..

Originally appointed as Rehabilitation Manager/Supt. Physiotherapist he was appointed to his present post as Clinical Director responsible for Physical Rehabilitation, Nursing and Psychological Services in April 2016.

During his 20+ yrs. at Flint House David oversaw many changes and improvements to clinical delivery at the PRC. He was always proud of the professionalism of his staff and the quality of care offered to the Police Officers who crossed our portals. His philosophy is that the most important criteria for any change is that ‘it is for the benefit of the patient’.  He encouraged the staff to constantly challenge themselves, their patients and embedded culture whilst simultaneously remained committed to maintaining the high standards of The Police Rehabilitation Centre.

David achievements and accolades are too numerous to mention, suffice they stand alone and unparallelled as testament to his talent, character, and professional prescence in his time at Flint House. We will miss him personally and professionally. David now enters a new chapter in his life, the main event being a bit of me-time with his grandchildren we believe, followed by his extending his already extensive Thespian career into that of being a full time actor. 

David Flint