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A professional HealthCare Provider specialising in the treatment of police officers

The "Repeat Debator" Repeats again!!!!

Aaaaaannnnddd!!!! Once more we welcome back James Sarson for a third time with another of his hardworked for cheques to support Flint House. Taking his motivational speaking around the London area James is turning into a prolific speaker which means prolific cheques for the Centre. Go James and thank you once more.....James (left of picture) with Ian Barron our Physio Manager.


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PFEW Chair John Apter always welcomed at Flint House

PFEW John Apter an old friend of the Centre came to see us and some of his officers too at Flint House, along with inspection of the new swimming pool and hydrotherapy unit currently under construction.  John seen here with CEO Tom MCAuslin being presented with a 130 year Anniversary tee-shirt for the gym....

Many thanks for your time John. Illuminating discussions as always. Hope we see you again soon.

John Apter Visit Feb 2020

Game Ready at Flint House

President of the Police Superintendents Association, Paul Griffiths was back at Flint House to see the fruits of his epic Thames Path Walk (in the hot, very hot, if not THE hottest part of the summer) earlier this year. Pauls funds helped to facilitate purchasing a 'Game Ready' Injury Treatment System for use by Flint House
In conjunction with our own Physio, Lorna -"Tough Mudder"- Collins also raising funds we are grateful to both of them for their herculean physical efforts and have already had officers who have been treated using this equipment extolling its virtues.....
Chris Milburn (physio) ......#Rehabitswhatwedo


Home Secretary visits Flint House

Home secretary Priti Patel  @patel4witham seeing & talking to officers at Flint House about the realities of injury & sickness to police at Flint House...#Rehabitswhatwedo for 130 years. The spirit and essence of 1890 is still the driving force behind our treating officers.



Repeat Debator back at Flint house!

Repeat Debater back at Flint House !!!

Ex patient James came to see us again last week with another £400 to give to Ash in Physio who treated James whilst he was here.

James (left side - shaking hands with Ash) raises his funds for us by delivering motivational talks and having been to Flint House in 2018 James so wanted to give something back and these regular donations are the result of his hard work and dedication. James we salute you and your obvious commitment, drive, energy and positive attitude to life..thank you.

James Sarson 2