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A professional HealthCare Provider specialising in the treatment of police officers

Local Business Support for Flint House

Local Business Support for Flint House

Recent communication with the (very) local community businesses within Goring and Streatley has established that the number of officers and attendant visitors and family play a significant part in sustainability of the local economy and the turnover of local businesses and suppliers.

Contact has established a goodwill willingness by those businesses to support the Centre and its patients by making available various incentives from their specific offering to those who identify themselves as attending/visiting Flint House. For our part we are very happy to identify those businesses and provide their contact details here and within the Centre on Electronic signboards. 

We are happy to promote those businesses within and details of how you may contact them. Please help us support businesses supporting you.

Accommodation and Inn: Miller of Mansfield

Food: Masooms Tandoori Restaurant

Beauty Treatments: Virgo Beauty

Hair: The Marvellous Hair Company

Flowers: Ferry Lane Florists

Gifts & Cards: For Inspirations

Any offers made are entirely at the sole discretion of the business concerned are not the responsibility of the Centre to endorse or subsidise in any way.