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A professional HealthCare Provider specialising in the treatment of police officers

Looking forward to a brighter 2021 at Flint House

Sophia Majaya Clinical Director 1

Flint House is looking forward to a brighter 2021, where eventually - Covid-19 allowing - more officers will be allowed to come back and utilise the fantastic Flint House facilities, the charity adapts to new modern and dynamic ways of assisting officers and the profile of the charity continues to be raised.

Flint House's new Clinical and Centre Director Sophia Majaya (pictured) says she's very excited about the charity's future.
Sophia was Clinical Director at Flint House for three years before she took on her new role this week, where she'll be overseeing the clinical treatment as well as the general management of the charity and centre. Sophia has over 20 years' experience working in mental health, with a background in children's and mental health nursing.
She said: "Our main focus is to put ourselves more on the map. Not
everyone's heard of us and we don't want that to be the case.
"It's only right we adapt ourselves to meet the needs of police officers out there. We want everyone to know about Flint House
and the work that we do and what is on offer here.
"I'm very excited about the future."
Usually some 3,500 police officers from more than 26 police forces across England and Wales attend Flint House each year. Flint House is funded principally by donations from warranted serving police officers, retired police officers, Special Constables, PCSOs and DDO's. How officers donate varies force by force. Officers donate via a monthly direct debit of £7.37 per month.
It was important that Flint House work more flexibly after COVID, Sophia added. She said: "Life's now changed and we're offering
virtual appointments - we're trying to be a lot more accessible. We used to be just a two-week programme but I think we're definitely coming out of this now, saying that we're not going to be as rigid, we need to be a lot more accessible and flexible for people out there."
This would potentially mean that more officers could access the service, she said.
Sophia added that she was glad Flint House was still open during this stage of pandemic, albeit sadly with fewer patients.
She said: "We are still managing to remain open under very strict,
COVID-secure risk assessments. We've got a small handful of patients, so it's very different - we've usually got 150 on site so we've reduced that.
"We are doing residential but for a maximum of 20 patients. We're spreading them out over a 150-bed site.
"The patients that we've got coming in are those that have undertaken the virtual rehab and they're now at the point where they need to complete their treatment. Some of our patients don't need to come in, but for others they do need that hands-on, face-to-face treatment.
"We've got a strict screening process in line with Government guidelines and regulatory bodies. We have to individually risk-assess each person before they come in."
Sophia is looking forward to the changes that 2021 will bring for Flint House, saying: "There's a lot to do but we've got a great board and a great staff team that are all behind the changes that we're making. It's all for the greater good of the charity, so we're really looking forward to the future."

Take a Tour of Flint House from home.

Whilst the Centre has had to close to residential patients during the full lockdowns we took the opportunity to undertake some innovative filming that shows off the superb facilities that underscore the gold standard of Physical and Mental rehabilitation we give to Officers at Flint House. Using ultra sophisticated state of the art 360° Cameras with 8k resolution and combined Drone footage we composed an impressive interactive tour of the Centre featuring footage inside and outside.
You can now get a great insight into the “Flint House Experience” from your armchair, viewing the footage on any computer, tablet, or smartphone, navigating through the tour using the interactive function to take you anywhere in the Centre just using your finger or cursor on the on-screen “Waypoints”. The experience is particularly immersive and impressive if you are fortunate to have use of a VR headset as it actually places you in the Centre as if you were actually there.

360° Tour

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Flint House "Jewel in the Crown" Opens

We are excited to announce that Flint House's brand new swimming and hydrotherapy pools are officially open.
“Today we are so proud to announce our 'Jewel In The Crown' at Flint House” says Communications Manager, Kevin Bishop.
“After months of hard work, highly sophisticated planning and superb craftsmanship, the new swimming and hydrotherapy pools are now officially open. "This marks another highpoint in our delivery of gold standard treatment for sick and injured police officers. A brand new, and significantly larger, Hydrotherapy pool with resistance jets, a beautifully constructed and finished new swimming/exercise pool and totally new changing rooms all came together today. “Coupled with the new Gymnasium opened last year by Dame Kelly Holmes DBE, our Rehabilitation facilities and level of treatment must stand as some of the best in the country.
“Everything we deliver at Flint House, whether it is Physical Rehabilitation, Mental Health Rehabilitation, Accommodation, Food, or simply the picturesque surroundings, is dedicated to those who protect and keep us safe.“That frontline police officers can access Flint House, and let’s not forget that includes PCSO’s, MoD, NCA, BTP and DDO’s, all of whom are out there doing a difficult job and in currently a very difficult time for the UK, for the princely sum of just £1.70 per week donation has to be the most amazing value proposition when it comes to looking after the number one priority - your own health and wellbeing!”
More information can be found at our web site www.flinthouse.co.uk or by subscribing to our monthly newsletter that comes out on the first Friday of the month. https://mailchi.mp/424f7bcd02d3/the-prc-newsletter

Pool Panorama

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Hear about the benefit of Hydrotherapy at Flint House

Listen to Ian Barron, Flint House Physiotherapy Manager talk on the benefits of accessing Hydrotherapy in our new Hydro Pool

London Marathon 2021 Entry

If you are looking at entry into the London marathon in October 2021 and haven't decided which charity you might wish to support, would you consider raising funds for us? Looking at who holds bonds and charity ballot places there seems to be just small handful of Emergency Services listed and only one direct Police Charity (not Flint House unfortunately) among the hundreds listed.
The 2021 race ballot which ended on Friday 9 October 2020 gave people without places a chance of entry. The 2021 ballot results will be announced in early January 2021. If you do get a place would be prepared to run for us and raise funds? We would be incredibly grateful and more than happy to assist with setting up a funding page and supplying you with water bottles and logo tee shirts. We would come and cheer you on as well! All the information can be found on the Virgin site at 
or give us a call on 01491 874499