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Charity No: 1146913
A professional HealthCare Provider specialising in the treatment of police officers

Eligibility Policy

Police Rehabilitation CentrePolicy Statement:

The Police Rehabilitation Centre, Flint House, is a registered charity with the Charity Commission in England & Wales. Charity number 1146913.

It is also registered as an incorporated company under the Companies Act 2006 (Company No 7990432).

The Charity is financially supported by those police officers and personnel within the UK police service, locations, and organisations, as deemed eligible to donate and attend, by the Board of Trustees and who make a voluntary donation to the Charity either though payroll giving or directly to the Charity.

Individual and organisational donations are also received on an ad-hoc basis and greatly appreciated, but do not express or imply any eligibility to attend the Centre.

The aim of the Charity is to ensure the timely treatment of serving police officers including Special Constables, Police Community Support Officers, Designated Detention Officers and MoD officers, and any other police personnel as deemed eligible by the Board of Trustees both now and in the future, to assist them in returning to full duty. In addition there is allocated capacity for the treatment of retired officers. The category of 'police officer’ and ‘retired police officer’ is defined as those stated, plus any category the Trustee Board subsequently agrees as eligible.

Please click this link to see Eligibility Policy in full